Swimming can be scary and potentially dangerous, and even though it’s the shortest part both in time and distance, the triathlon swim is the most feared part of any triathlon and puts more people off taking part than any other part of the race! Open water swimming is a different discipline entirely, adding navigation, currents […]

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Cycling is one of the fastest growing leisure activities as it caters for everyone from hardened mountain climbers tackling 2km climbs in the alps to cruisers of any age spinning along flat country lanes. It’s less demanding than running, but, if taken seriously, can be both gruelling and expensive. Proper selection of kit and fit […]

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Running is one of the oldest forms of activity known to man and our bodies are designed for it, so it should be second nature right? Well maybe not.  Starting right is essential for running, and if you are out of practice, then a couch to 5k program that mixes running and walking is the […]

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Getting up at 5am for a 10 mile run in the rain takes some mental strength, but, with the right training and motivation, anyone can do it, if they want to! It’s a cliche that performance is mostly mental, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Having the right mindset, a clearly define objective and […]

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There is nothing better than a quiet stroll in the country, especially for your mental health! Connecting with nature, fresh air and exercise are the best possible ways to relieve stress and distract yourself from the daily grind! For those looking to range further there may need to be a little bit more prep, especially […]

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Training and Nutrition

You can’t outtrain a bad diet!! Much as we’d like to, you can’t just rock up to an event and compete without doing at least some training, so understanding what training you need to do, and how to fuel your body properly is essential. As with all things, nutrition and training are a balance as […]

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From bikes to bags to wetsuits, the one thing more likely than injury is shopping for the latest equipment! But these sports can be expensive, so it’s vital that you pick the right gear for you and your budget and know how to look after it. So if you don’t know your varus from your […]

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Triathlons are perfect for anyone who can’t make their mind up what type of race to run!! Joking aside, they are fun and very friendly events that can obviously be very challenging, especially at the longer distances. They do require a lot of equipment, training and organisation, and will require you to learn a load […]

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