Whether you’re looking for an easy walk, a high octane adventure or a competitive multisport event, there are endless activity options available to you and we’ll help you decide and make your first steps in a more active lifestyle.



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Combining swimming, cycling and running, triathlons are great for people looking to mix things up, often in spectacular surroundings, with dramatic sea swims and mountainous cycles. With events ranging from short sprint events to full-blown 14-hour Ironman events, there’s something for everyone. if you’re ready to take the plunge, find out more here, or click here if you need more inspiration.

If you enjoy your landscapes at a more leisurely pace, hill walking and hiking offers a fantastic opportunity to experience sights than most people miss, and are by far the easiest way to get into serious shape quickly and offer great social opportunities.



Whilst Marathons aren’t for everyone, they are a worthwhile and attainable challenge for anyone with an active lifestyle. Half Marathons offer much fo the same but are a lot easier and quicker to train for, providing a sense of achievement and a stepping stone to greater challenges.


If you’re based near the coast, open water swimming, from the Christmas Day plunge to more serious endeavours are easy to get into and offer huge health benefits, whilst giving you the chance to mix with nature.

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