ITU and Ironman – the main Triathlon Governing Bodies and Organisers

Triathlon is governed globally by the ITU, who are responsible for the amateur sport through a range of regional and national bodies. These bodies are charged with developing the sport locally both at the participant and competitive level and will have the mandate to develop the sport locally. Most will manage the licensing of athletes, the sanctioning and marshalling of races and the promotion of events. Athlete development programmes and nationally supported competitors will also fall under the remit of these bodies.

Unlike some sports, the national Body is generally there to support anyone who wants to take part in the sport, from the first-timer doing a charity event through to elite competitors and will provide training and support for anyone that needs it so should be supported by anyone taking part.

They should also be your first port of call if you are looking for information and many will provide guidance, support and potentially training plans for those wishing to compete. It’s definitely worth looking to see who your national triathlon body is.

Commercial events, such as Ironman, don’t fall under the remit of the governing bodies but are also driven by the desire to see more people participate and enjoy the support so are worth investigating if you want more information, especially on the longer events. Much of their content is revenue generating, however.

The main international regional and national bodies are linked below, and if your country is not listed, look at the site for your region and you should find a national link there.


African Triathlon Union

American Triathlon Confederation

Asian Triathlon Confederation

European Triathlon Union

Oceania Triathlon Union







Challenge series

Castle series